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Eyeganics Organic Tears

Eyeganics Organic Tears

Pure, effective, safe. Our USDA-certified organic formulation (patent-pending) is like no other on earth. With cleanly-sourced, organic, plant-based ingredients, Eyeganics Organic Tears offers instant, resilient relief and potent protection against eye dryness and irritation. We guarantee your satisfaction, with free returns for a full refund. The preservative-free bottle technology offers unrivaled protection against contamination and is easy to use, requiring a steady, sustained squeeze for drops to dispense.

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Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Brockmann
Best dry eye drop in the world !!

I’ve dealt with dry eye syndrome for many years now, trying to find a soothing drop that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I’m allergic to all petroleum-derived products which is really limiting. Plus my Celiac reactions to gluten include skin reactions, so I’m extra careful never to use a drop that isn’t gluten free. In the past, I’ve tried products that have as few ingredients as possible, but even they create a cycle of irritation where I end up using the drops more and more frequently. Eyeganics Organic Tears is the first dry eye drop that actually brings relief. After more than eight months of use, my eyes are GREAT! I use these drops now only before I go outside in the sun and wind. With just a few drops a day, I’m comfortable all the time. Let me repeat that: My eyes are comfortable 24/7, with just a few drops of this product a day. I use one bottle a month (although when I first started using the drops, I used them more frequently, but they quickly helped soothe my eyes so over time I needed less and less throughout each day!). This carefully, thoughtfully created product is well worth the price. Ten out of ten stars. I highly recommend! Thank you, Team Eyeganics. You’ve improved the quality of my life!

kevin vrieze
tears of joy

For decades my wife has been dealing with sjogren's and the dry-eye that comes with that. Eyeganics does as well or better than any of the prescription pharmaceuticals, and it is organic and much healthier for the eyes. Curiously, her eye condition appears to have improved somewhat, since she started using this. It's effects seem to least better as well. I, myself, have used it, on occasion, to relieve eyestrain. It's wonderful stuff. I mentioned it to the buyer at our health foods store. She uses it now and loves it. She's also begun stocking it there. One hates to run on too much, but really it's the best product in this field.

Refreshing, soothing relief for dry eye that lasts!

I had been searching for a couple of years to find organic eye drops with just a couple of ingredients. My eczema worsened in reaction to both the mainstream brands as well as the homeopathic brands. I suffer from dry eye due to necessary lap top work (I avoid screens whenever I can), and daily eye drops are a must for me. I was so desperate that I began to make a homemade eye drop solution with distilled water, but in addition to being tedious, it was not helpful. When I first used Eyeganics Organic Tears, they were instantly refreshing and soothing--I experienced a cooling sensation of my eyes. Moreover, using them once in the morning upon waking and once at bedtime lasted me all day and all through the night. With previous brands I've tried, I had to take the drops a few times per day. Also, I love the shape of the dropper--It dispenses one drop rather than a wasted stream. The cap is also easy to get off and on. It took a great deal of searching to find Eyeganics eye drops, and I am so pleased and happy that I found them!

Pamilla Stender
Awesome Product

I wanted to thank you for this amazing product. I have been allergic to Soy my entire life and I have Celiac disease. I also have a list of other allergies. For that reason I'm very cautious about anything I use.I have had dry eyes diagnosed by my eye doctor for years. I found that I could use nothing that was sold on the market or nothing that my doctor even had. Desperation I googled organic eye drops for dry eyes. Your website popped up. To my surprise they are soy and gluten free. I ordered them immediately. I received them on October 28th, 2022 I started using them that night. It is now November 9th,. 2022 and I have to say these are the best drops I've ever used. I have no reactions of any type absolutely none. My eyes feel 100% better. I am so thrilled I found your website and ordered these.Thank you so much.You have made a big difference in my life. I will definitely keep buying these.
Thank You Again
For an amazing Product
Pam Stender

Love it

Recently went to a new eye dr & learned I actually don’t need glasses & have severe chronic dry eye. Something my old eye dr ignored. I bought your drops after Xidra was pushed on me after expressing I don’t like taking prescriptions & had a severe fibro flare/ allergic reaction. Your drops have helped my eyes tremendously & I no longer have daily eye pain or strain! So thankful!

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Glycerin*, Sodium Chloride, Water.

*Certified Organic

Certified Organic

Eye drops are absorbed into your bloodstream - don't let the potentially toxic industrial chemicals of artificial tears into your eyes and body! Eyeganics has ZERO Artificial chemicals. It's preservative-free, chemical-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.


Our bottle utilizes new technology, where preservative-free formulations can be dispensed with unrivaled microbiological safety. Made with the world's highest quality standards and strictest safety regulations.


  • Over 250 Drops Per 10mL Bottle
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free Returns for Full Refund