Eyeganics Organic Tears

Eyeganics Organic Tears

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Pure, effective, safe. Our USDA-certified organic formulation (patent-pending) is like no other on earth. With cleanly-sourced, organic, plant-based ingredients, Eyeganics Organic Tears offers instant, resilient relief and potent protection against eye dryness and irritation. We guarantee your satisfaction, with free returns for a full refund. Please note: the preservative-free bottle technology is easy to use, requiring a steady, sustained squeeze for drops to dispense. See instructional video here.

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I. Kang
One word: AMAZING.

I was hugely skeptical of this product as I am with most products because I’m sensitive to everything. My eyes have been bothering me for years and I’ve used doctor prescribed products. My eyes were constantly inflamed and even in a lot of pain quite often because I’d rub my eyes so much. Id regularly burn through two bottles of Systane in less than a month. Those are not cheap. But with Eyeganics, I put in a few drops a day and my eyes are EXTREMELY refreshed. The effects were IMMEDIATE. Didn’t have to wait and see to notice the effectiveness of this product. Now I have hope and will be using this through the end of time. Totally worth the cost. In fact, I’m definitely saving more than I was when I was burning through the commercialized products. I also don’t usually rate products because I’m busy (or lazy), but I had to for this one so I can spread the word to those who are in similar situations as I am. I will be gifting this product to my family and friends because they also have dry eyes and regularly use commercial drops. Thank you for this amazing product!!!

Debbie Fantin
Relief at last !

I recently discovered that i was having side effects from using Lumify (chronic redness, inside of nose was irritated and cracked). I discontinued and switched to Eyeganics. Redness & discomfort is reduced by 60-70% and my nose cleared up! I'm thrilled. Thank you :-)

Nicolas Johnson
I liked them!

Packaged really well, above and beyond hand written note. The drops made my eyes feel refreshed and although the squeeze bottle is strange at first, it’s super easy to use.

joelle e poirier
Best eye drops I have ever used

This is sincerely the best drops I have ever used . I have sjorgrens syndrome , my eyes with age are getting so dry they stick shut. This has been the most helpful drops, also using a humidifier and essential oil on the toes of my feet for tear duct opening . The drops were like satin or silk for my eyes. So close to natural tears. My son hurt his eyes welding,he used them to and is ordering some. It greatly relieved the scratch he got even though he had protectiv glasses. Thanks everyone . Your eyesight is so crucial and you don't realize it till you have a problem. God bless your work. A seeing 🤓and believing, happy customer .

Thomas Krysa

Eyeganics Organic Tears