Eyeganics Organic Tears

Eyeganics Organic Tears

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Pure, effective, safe. Our USDA-certified organic formulation (patent-pending) is like no other on earth. With cleanly-sourced, organic, plant-based ingredients, Eyeganics Organic Tears offers instant, resilient relief and potent protection against eye dryness and irritation. We guarantee your satisfaction, with free returns for a full refund. Please note: the preservative-free bottle technology is easy to use, requiring a steady, sustained squeeze for drops to dispense. See instructional video here.

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Pamilla Stender
Awesome Product

I wanted to thank you for this amazing product. I have been allergic to Soy my entire life and I have Celiac disease. I also have a list of other allergies. For that reason I'm very cautious about anything I use.I have had dry eyes diagnosed by my eye doctor for years. I found that I could use nothing that was sold on the market or nothing that my doctor even had. Desperation I googled organic eye drops for dry eyes. Your website popped up. To my surprise they are soy and gluten free. I ordered them immediately. I received them on October 28th, 2022 I started using them that night. It is now November 9th,. 2022 and I have to say these are the best drops I've ever used. I have no reactions of any type absolutely none. My eyes feel 100% better. I am so thrilled I found your website and ordered these.Thank you so much.You have made a big difference in my life. I will definitely keep buying these.
Thank You Again
For an amazing Product
Pam Stender

Love it

Recently went to a new eye dr & learned I actually don’t need glasses & have severe chronic dry eye. Something my old eye dr ignored. I bought your drops after Xidra was pushed on me after expressing I don’t like taking prescriptions & had a severe fibro flare/ allergic reaction. Your drops have helped my eyes tremendously & I no longer have daily eye pain or strain! So thankful!

I. Kang
One word: AMAZING.

I was hugely skeptical of this product as I am with most products because I’m sensitive to everything. My eyes have been bothering me for years and I’ve used doctor prescribed products. My eyes were constantly inflamed and even in a lot of pain quite often because I’d rub my eyes so much. Id regularly burn through two bottles of Systane in less than a month. Those are not cheap. But with Eyeganics, I put in a few drops a day and my eyes are EXTREMELY refreshed. The effects were IMMEDIATE. Didn’t have to wait and see to notice the effectiveness of this product. Now I have hope and will be using this through the end of time. Totally worth the cost. In fact, I’m definitely saving more than I was when I was burning through the commercialized products. I also don’t usually rate products because I’m busy (or lazy), but I had to for this one so I can spread the word to those who are in similar situations as I am. I will be gifting this product to my family and friends because they also have dry eyes and regularly use commercial drops. Thank you for this amazing product!!!

Alexandra Capecci

Love that this is preservative free!!!!

Glad it’s non-toxic

My dry eyes have slowly gotten worse over the years, & i have suspected the chemicals in the artificial tears weren’t helping. I didn’t notice a change in dryness when I switched, but over time, I have seen a little improvement in my nighttime dryness, and lately, it seems I might not be adding tears to my eyes quite as often. Even if it stayed the same, it would be worth it to me to use a non-toxic product that I believe is slowly improving the overall health of my eyes just because the chemicals are no longer doing damage.