Why and When to Use Eye Drops?

Eyeganics Organic Tears are an effective protectant against dryness of the eyes. Proactive daily usage can prevent the burning and irritation that so many of us experience. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth every day. Imagine someone saying,

“I only brush my teeth every now and then, when I notice my breath stinks.”

“I brush my teeth, but then a few hours later, my mouth no longer feels fresh. What’s the point of doing it at all?”

“My teeth are working just fine – I do not see the point in brushing them.”

These would all be pretty shocking statements to hear somebody say! We know that habitual maintenance is crucial for our oral health, as well as our skin (washing your face), hair (washing your hair), cardiovascular system (exercising), and minds (reading).

The eyes are no different: using lubricant eye drops each day prevents dryness and irritation – especially if someone spends their day working on a screen. There are HUGE benefits to this daily drop habit. New research has repeatedly shown a couple of very important findings:

  1. Dry eye is increasing exponentially across the world, and this is primarily due to an increase in screen time.1-3
  2. Ignoring the dryness of your eyes has consequences: depression, anxiety, poor sleep quality, and blurred vision.2, 4-7 Plus, not treating your dryness can make it get worse!8-10

Because eye drops enter the bloodstream in a way that bypasses the body’s natural defenses, Eyeganics is the best choice for daily use of eye drops: USDA-certified organic, with no preservatives, artificial chemicals, or additives.

Don’t wait to use drops until your eyes are irritated and bothered, or worse. Make Eyeganics a part of your daily personal care ritual today!