What Determines the Cost of an Eye Drop?

This question isn't just about your budget - it’s about your health and safety, too. So, pay attention - your life may depend on it.

  1. Ingredient quality. Organic drops are certified to be sourced and manufactured in a certain way.1
    • Eyeganics' salt is proven not to be bioengineered, irradiated, or produced using sewage sludge
    • 100% sterile water without chemical additives2
    • Plant-based, certified organic glycerin, instead of synthetic or derived from petroleum3
  1. Quality, compliance, cleanliness, and sterility of the manufacturing facility. This is directly linked to each site's safety protocols, employee training, and wages. To make eye drops sterile and safe, you need experienced staff who are 100% committed to always following safety regulations. Eyeganics are made in The Netherlands (top 3 for the world's highest wages4), in a pristine manufacturing site that is up to date and compliant with regulatory body inspections.
  1. In contrast, regulators have shut down dozens of eye drop manufacturers that were not producing drops according to federal regulations. In some cases, a total disregard for safety was cited, including contaminated equipment and barefoot workers.5-7 When safety and sterility are not a company's number one priority, the consequences can be severe. People can go blind and even die from using that company's contaminated products.5-7
  1. Which cap and bottle technology is being used? Why? Preservatives exist in eye drops to prevent contamination of traditional multi-dose bottles, which are susceptible to contamination by harmful microorganisms through microbial entry.8-10 However, the preservatives in eye drops often cause eye irritation in their attempts to keep pathogens at bay.11-13 For decades, single-use vials were the only way to safely deliver preservative-free eye drops. But this approach is wasteful and not cost-efficient – to match the number of doses available in a single bottle of Eyeganics, it would take over 130 single-use vials!

Recently, technology was developed that offers unprecedented safety in keeping preservative-free drops in a multi-dose bottle free from contamination. Aptar Pharma's Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser technology offers unrivaled safety, less waste, and the highest possible microbiological integrity.14,15 This special bottle and its dropper component are the safest, most cost-efficient way to store and deliver eye drops.

Of course, drops with the highest-quality ingredients, manufacturing systems, and bottle dropper technology come at a higher cost. Is it worth the price? Absolutely. When it comes to your eyesight and health, compromising on quality is simply not an option.